Savers Opens in Crystal Lake Center

Developers Find Successful Renovation Pays Off Northern Illinois Real Estate Magazine had a discussion with Charley Margosian, Sr., and Charley Margosian, Jr., of Highland Management Associates, Inc., owners and managers of Country Corners Shopping Center at 230 Virginia in Crystal Lake, about the recent center renovation and the resultant successes. Below are some excerpts from […]

The retail market is moving forward

The Metro Chicago Retail Space Guide, By Bianca N. Herron (Editor) Illinois Real Estate Journal recently spoke to Charles Margosian III, senior vice president at Lombard, Ill.-based Highland Management Associates, about the retail market in the Midwest’s largest city. Here’s what he had to say. Illinois Real Estate Journal: How is the current retail environment […]

Area 51 Cupcakery and Creamery

Jill and Robert Wagner, Owners, Area 51 Cupcakery and Creamery.   “We have been tenants of Highland Management for 5 years and happily just signed a new lease. It was not even an option to look anywhere else when deciding to lease a larger space as Highland Management creates the relationship that makes it easy […]

Great Western Flooring

Steve Chirico, Mayor of Naperville, Great Western Flooring Owner/Founder.   “My company, Great Western Flooring just celebrated 35 years in business. During this time I have had over a dozen landlords in six different cities. Most of the landlords were good and occasionally not so good, but one landlord stood above all of the rest; […]

Illinois Association of School Boards

Roger Eddy, Retired Director IASB and Former Member Illinois House of Representatives.   “I appreciated working with the Highland Management group during my seven years as the Executive Director of the Illinois Association of School Boards. We worked together to provide our staff with high quality office space at a very reasonable rate. As our […]